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Elonatech Nigeria Limited is built on the assumption that the management of information technology for business is not inherently a do-it-yourself prospect. Smart business people who aren’t tech-savvy need to find quality vendors of reliable hardware, software, service, and support. They need to use these quality vendors as they use their other professional service suppliers, as trusted allies.

Elonatech seeks to fulfill these needs and become the leader in business information technology in its region. We make sure that our clients have what they need to run their businesses as much as possible, with maximum efficiency and reliability. In addition to providing services, Elonatech supplies the following computer products to make them useful to small, medium, and large businesses.

We are especially focused on providing Computer Hardware {Laptops/Desktops}, Network systems, and services to small, medium, and large businesses. The systems include both PC-based LAN systems and minicomputer server-based systems from a wide array of computer system brands – HP, Dell, Lenovo, Samsung, Toshiba, Acer, ASUS, LG, etc.  Elonatech operates on a computer reseller-based technology. It became a reseller to fulfill the market needs for personal computers and is emphasizing service and support to differentiate itself from more price-oriented national chains.

Contact @elonatech for the best deals, on 08027602020, [email protected]

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