Because your business works when your hardware works.

While computer hardware configurations vary widely, we work on five general categories of hardware; Client & Server Computer Systems (Desktops & Laptops); Printers, Scanners & Copiers; Smartphones & Tabs; Networking equipment; and Media devices/equipment

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Desktop and Laptop PCs

We offer a full range of system repair, data recovery, malware removal, software installation and configuration, help desk, and IT services for both residential and business clients. We work with all types of Apple and Windows laptops and desktops.

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Networking Equipment

Whether it's a server running an entire office building or the wireless router in your closet, networking hardware makes it possible to connect with others.
We offer a full range of networking equipment repair, be it a Router, Switch, etc...

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We have extensive experience in repairing, rebuilding, and installing file servers from across all manufacturers. Our expertise covers both hardware and software faults, so you can be sure we will provide the answer.

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Printers and Scanners

We offer a full range of printer services. Do you have issues with your printers or copiers? Is your printer or photocopier giving you a hard time? Your printing jobs should be more straightforward and seamless. Let FIX IT!!

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Mobile devices

We fix all brands of smartphones and tablets. Be it a broken screen, power problem, or software issue. We have got you covered!

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Media Devices/Equipment

Your business can rely on our extensive experience in media to take care of all your audio-visual, conferencing, and communication technology. In addition to multimedia data projectors, we do repair and maintenance work for most branded products.

Computer malfunctions can range from a minor setting that is incorrect, to spyware, viruses, and as far as replacing hardware and an entire operating system. We provide on-site services, usually at an agreed rate and also provide services off-site, where the client can drop their computers and other devices off at the repair shop. We also handle pickup and drop off services for convenience. Our technicians may also take back old equipment for recycling.

We do all kinds of laptop, desktop and server repair of all makes and models, including Windows, Apples (Mac) and Linux computers. We do virus removal without reformatting so you don't lose your important files or photos. We repair both hardware and software. We have no queue so come any time and we'll start fixing your computer right away. We offer Pick-up, Walk-in, On-Premise, and Remote Support repair services.

If you require friendly, expert staff and to have your computer running better than ever, come to our computer repair lab at Elonatech or give us a call.
For specialized hardware services, we have highly skilled full-time computer hardware techs who can fix all types of hardware problems including power jacks, keyboards, screens, fans, overheating issues, liquid spills, soldering jobs, loose cabling, and, sometimes, if financially feasible, motherboards and discrete video cards.

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