Office System Setup


To #Setup your #office #System the #digital way, Here are the common items most small #business offices need:

#Computers: Determine how many and what kind of computers you’ll need.
#Software: Determine whether you need any new business software. Web-based apps, office suites, communication software, or mail clients.
#Printers: Determine how many and what kind of printers you’ll need. and if you’ll need a network printer or a locally connected printer.
#Internet: Find an internet provider ISP with adequate speed and reliability.
#Phones: You may need desk phones, cell phones, and conference phones.
#Phone service: Decide whether a standard or voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) phone system is best.
#Connection type: Decide which connection type best suits your business, wireless or wired connections.
#Process (Setup/Installation):
1. Installation/configuration of system apps & software.
Web-based apps, Office suites, communication software, team/workplace software, and mail clients.
2. Setup and networking of all computer systems and printers wirelessly or via cable. Enabling files, apps, printer and internet sharing, and Team collaboration software.

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