Team Members

The Elonatech team consists of young, talented, educated, proud and highly motivated people, to bring about positive change to our world of technology. Our people are passionate about technology, business, and customer relation. We strive for excellence and we have the strongest belief in ourselves and our potentials, which in turn brings about the desired result in the services rendered.

Our Passion

We have a passion for our clients, results and the solutions we provide. Our team possess a pragmatic drive for action that runs through the week, each working day, and doesn’t let up. We rally clients with our infectious energy, to make change stick. And we never do it alone. We support and are supported to develop our own personal result(s) stories. We train, and get trained to further equip ourselves, so as to be abreast of imminent IT challenges. We work hard, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. We enjoy what we do and we laugh a lot… most often at ourselves.
It feels different to work with us.

Our Management Team

Nwanji uche

Nwanji Uche H.

Lead Web Developer/ Digital Marketer


Emmanuel Onojafe

Systems/Network Engr.

The Technical Support Team

is composed of individuals that are familiar with the ins and outs of a device.They offer user-friendly assistance for individuals having technical problems with computer/electronic devices. With this knowledge, they are able to troubleshoot most problems that a user experiences. Technical support may be provided over the phone, through email, a live-chat interface or with a remote support solution.

The Web and Design Team

consists mainly of web strategists, designers, developers, and project managers, who work together to help clients meet their business objectives.

Our Network Support Team

are responsible for managing a local area communications network (LAN) or wide area network (WAN) for Organizations. This includes activities such as the deployment, configuration, maintenance and monitoring of active network equipment.

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