Fujitsu Network Scanner N7100

Fujitsu Network Scanner N7100



    • Simple operation of large touch screen and on-screen keyboard
    • Customize the job menu on the touch screen
    • Provide numerous security measures
    • The application can be integrated into the scanner with exclusive SDK (for Windows)
    • The Admin Tool function and the Scanner Central Admin Server for centralized management
    • Comes with USB port to connect devices



2 3Easy stand-alone network operation with large display

The N7100 is compact with a scanner, computer and large size screen with the integrated on-screen keyboard all combined, and can be suitable for the limited place. The users can perform scanning, data saving, and transmission without the need to operate from a computer.

Quick scanning speed that supports card scanning

Users can scan during heavy-duty with an accurate and stable feeding mechanism that supports scanning from thin paper to thick paper and plastic card.
Plastic ID card and application form can be scanned together easily at the contact window.

High Security to suit user environment

The scanner provides numerous security measures to ensure complete data protection, especially when shared by multiple users. These security measures can be applied according to users’ actual requirements and their environments. Not only does the scanner implement verification before scanning but also it ensures automatic data encryption during processing and data deletion after scanning.

  • Login authentication
    Strictly controls what people can do with the scanner.
  • Encryption
    Scanned data is encrypted and temporarily stored in the scanner while it is being processed for e-mail, faxing, printing or storage.
  • Data transmission security
    It supports strong security protocols: LDAPS, HTTPS and FTPS
  • Scanned data deletion
    Automatically deletes the temporarily stored data from internal memory after scanned data has been emailed, faxed, printed out and saved to a network folder.
  • Secure initialization
    When N7100 is initialized, free regions of the internal memory can be overwritten with completely random and meaningless data. A new cypher key is generated after user information is deleted. All of these ensure that no trace of old user data can be retrieved from open memory.

Perfect Fit Customized to Your Unique Needs

Administrators can customize the job menu on the screen and scan settings to suit the work of a specific user or user group registered to the scanner.

Customized one-touch operation

Users can customize the “job button” on the job menu. They can simply log in to the scanner and select a job from their personalized job menus on the N7100’s touch screen. A customized job menu ensures efficient and it can be possible for each user to secure decentralized data entry.

Personalized applications with SDK

The user’s application can be integrated into the scanner as add-in software using the Network Scanner Control SDK (for Windows®). Added applications are displayed on the job menu.

USB Port for optional USB equipment

The scanner supports a USB port, so that hardware keyboard, mouse, and other USB equipment such as contactless IC card reader can be connected for various purposes such as personal identification. The unit can function as a flexible terminal for any work environment


*Only keyboard/mouse are supported.
When using other USB devices such as an IC card reader, the development of an Add-in application using Network Scanner Control SDK (free download) is necessary.

*To satisfy the security policy, anti-virus software can be installed as an option to safely expand the functions.

Advanced software for work efficiency

Monitor scanner operation with Scanner Central Admin

specializes in centralized management of multiple scanners, including batch updates of scanner settings and firmware, as well as monitoring of errors and consumables status. The software is also capable of managing up to 1,000 scanners per server.


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Fujitsu Network Scanner N7100



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