Retainer Partnership

A retainer is an agreement between a client and an agency to work together for a longer period of time on more than just one project. It reserves a set amount of the agency’s time for a set rate.

Retainer agreements are also used by consultants to provide services to a client over a long-period of time. Especially when the client and professional have established a relationship and the client predicts needing the consultant’s expertise, a retainer agreement provides access to the consultant’s time and services.

At Elonatech, we offer retainer partnerships to our clients, this is based on a contractual agreement between us and our clients, which involves guarantee of specified working hours to our clients, weekly, bi-weekly, etc. for handling agreed specific IT related tasks.

Types of services we offer comfortably within a retainer

Retained firm like us would provide an accurate timeline and detailed process throughout the phase of engagement.
The better the results will be for both sides, if the two parties are committed to working successfully to reach the common goal.
By using a retained approach, a client commits to using us, and our firm agrees to spend more time and treats their requirements as priority. Since both parties are now committed to reaching the same goal, communication and assistance increases. Not only does this improve productivity, but over time we the retained firm build an in depth understanding of the client’s business making them a valuable asset. As the competition for talent continues to increase, partnerships such as these will become critical for every business.

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