This includes application software that enables a user to perform a task, such as Microsoft Office suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.) Internet browsers like Firefox, Safari, and Chrome; mobile pieces of software such as Pandora, Skype (for real-time online communication), and Slack (for team collaboration); PDF viewers and readers; Business Application Software (These programs are built to facilitate certain business functions, improving the accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness of operations), etc.

And the system software such as an operating system (which is the most important software in a computer) which enables other software to run properly, by interfacing with hardware and with other software; and Drivers which is responsible for every part of a computer to work and function properly.

Operating Systems
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Software engineering is one of the most important aspects of computer engineering, and Elonatech Nigeria Limited understands its unique importance since no computer system can function properly without software.
It’s one of our core service areas, and we are proficient in it.

Computer software has to be “loaded” into the computer’s storage (such as a hard drive, memory, or RAM). Once the software is loaded, the computer is able to execute the software. The process of loading the software into the computer, and executing the appropriate functions is another unique aspect we handle.

Elonatech specializes in supporting application and system software, which involves passing instructions from the application software, through the system software, to the hardware which ultimately receives the instruction as machine code. Each instruction causes the computer to carry out an operation: moving data, carrying out a computation, or altering the control flow of instructions.


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Application Software

The most common application software programs are used by millions every day and include:

  • Microsoft Office suite products (Office, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook, etc.)
  • Microsoft Windows range of products (Server and Client Operating Systems) Windows Server 2012 – Foundation, Essentials, Standard, Datacenter; Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019; Windows 10 – Home, Pro, Enterprise, Education
  • Internet browsers – Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, etc.
  • PC/Mobile Security Software – Antivirus and Anti-malware (Norton Security, Kaspersky Total Security, Bitdefender, Eset, McAfee, etc.
  • mobile pieces of software such as Pandora (for music appreciation), Skype (for real-time online communication), and Slack (for team collaboration)
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Business Application Software

Below are some popular examples of business applications that we support and are commonly used by organizations:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Project Management Software
  • Business Process Management Software
  • Database
  • Resource Management Software
  • Productivity Software
  • Scheduling Software

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We also implement on-premise and hosted application software.

On-premise application software is implemented at an organization’s physical location, leveraging the hardware, IT infrastructure, and support of that organization. The company’s IT department typically maintains and solves problems related to the software.

Hosted application software, also called software-as-a-service (SaaS), is software that is owned, delivered, and managed remotely via the cloud by a provider separate from the purchasing organization. Many organizations license these programs at the same time, and organizations typically pay per user or via a subscription.
One advantage of on-premise software is that it can be customized to the individual company’s needs more easily. However, hosted application software programs generally allow users to scale up to more quickly.

Conclusively, no matter the software issue, so long it’s a computer (Desktop or Laptop PC), Tablet or Mobile devices, be it an Operating System (OS) malfunction or installation, system propriety drivers malfunction: such as Video Graphics Adapters (VGA), Audio drivers, Network/LAN drivers, Wireless drivers, Webcam, etc., Business application software; Back up of files and system recovery operations, Contact Elonatech for the right technical solutions to them all.

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